Bunny Gives Free Nuzzles to All Visitors

High in the Himalaya Mountains lives a wise and extremely soft bunny named Oliver. And he gives free nuzzles to any who make the trek to his mountain home.

"It’s totally worth it," said William Hessler, a pilgrim who made the journey from Leipzig, Germany. "Oliver’s nuzzles are like… I don’t know if there’s a word for it. It’s better than any high. You just feel at peace in the universe when he’s in your lap."

Oliver hands out nuzzles to any who darken his doorstep, but the way is treacherous. Of the estimated 20,000 who undertake it each year, only about half reach Oliver in his remote outpost.

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My baby!  His snuggles really are better than any high!  It’s true!

Sandy’s neurological problem was worse than usual last night. She was quite dizzy and spinning in a circle before I gave her her medicine. Poor baby girl, she happily snuggled next to Baron afterwards. The only visible signs of Sandy’s condition are occasional dizzy spells and significant muscle loss - if you notice any signs like this in your bunny please contact your vet. It may not be what Sandy has, but dizziness and loss of
muscle are things to be concerned about. Your bunny depends on you to notice these things, they can’t speak

Maddie melting into a nap.  The full melty video is on instagram

Noodle celebrated her first birthday last month.  Happy first birthday, little Noodz.

Christmas Noodle and Christmas Oliver


Bunny Shocked by Super Bowl Commercials

A local bunny’s sensibilities have already been shocked by a few of the more risqué commercials that have debuted so far during the Super Bowl.

“He’s led a really sheltered life,” said one person with knowledge of the situation of the rabbit. “Pretty much anything would shock him at this point.”

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Just wanted to reblog this.  Because, you know, it’s Oliver! hahahaha

BIRTHDAY NOMS!  I adopted Maddie and Oliver when they were 7, but the shelter didn’t know their exact birthdays.  Today is the day we are celebrating 8!

Happy 8th birthday to my sweet little babies!

AHHH! It’s our 8th birthday!!!

Some of my favorites!

Birthday outfits! On June 1 Maddie and Oliver will be celebrating their 8th birthdays!!!

I built them a box maze. They got it a bit early because I had nowhere to put it other than their room haha.

Saying goodbye to Penelope was so hard, but I’m so thankful that it lead me to adopt Maddie and Oliver. I don’t know what I’d do without these two. My sweet little senior citizen buns!

Watch the full video at

Watch the full video at

Watch the full video at

Watch the full video at

Maddie eating a grape at lightning speed!

This was her actual speed.  I did not speed the video up, hahahaha it’s the fastest I’ve ever seen her eat.